Trofeo Estate Rosé

Offered by Trofeo Estate

Description - Welcome to our first Rosé made from cool climate Shiraz grapes. On approach, strawberry and cream aromas tantalise the senses. In the mouth, bright red fruits dominate, overlaying a refreshingly dry savouriness. Best drunk slightly chilled, this Rose is a wonderful companion to a warm summer’s day.
Harvest 17th April
Region Mornington Peninsula
Year 2015
Variety 95% Shiraz PT23; 5% Pinot Noir MV6
Winemaking - Grapes were hand harvested on 17th April. Picking date was selected based on analysis and sample tasting. Grapes were de-stemmed and pressed, with stalks, to 550L/t and transferred to tank. After 1 day settling the juice was racked, with light lees to 800L Terracotta Amphorae and inoculated for fermentation. Ferment was kept around 15oC until Baume dropped to 4 from where it was left to continue ferment, without cooling, until dry. Once complete it was left for 5 months to age on lees. Wine was then racked, blended with a small portion of Pinot Noir, fined with bentonite, filtered and bottled.
$30 / 750ml Bottle
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