Trofeo Estate No.85 Amabile Rosso

Offered by Trofeo Estate

This delightful sweet red is in a class of its own. The wine has been created using a blend of Pinot noir and Moscato. On approach this highly aromatic wine displays notes of ripe red plum, black cherry and mulberries. On the palate candied red fruit flavours dominate on a sweet smooth entry. The finish is long and surprisingly dry, perfect for such companions as pizza and pasta.

Harvest Pinot Noir – 13/03/2013; Moscato Oro – 31/03/2012; Moscato Rosa – 13/02/2013
Year 2013
Clone 90% Pinot Noir – G Clone; 5% Muscat Blanc à Petits Grain; 5% Brown Muscat
Winemaking - The Pinot Noir was hand harvested on 13th March. Picking dates were selected based on analysis and sample tasting. Grapes were de-stemmed and pumped into tank where they were allowed to cold soak for 4 days. The cap was maintained with a pump over once a day. Ferment was allowed to start naturally. When baumé begun to decrease, it was inoculated to assist its full primary fermentation. The finished ferment was then pressed off into French oak barriques, aged for 7 months then blended with the finished Moscato wines, filtered and bottled.
$26 / 750ml Bottle
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