Trofeo Estate Chardonnay

Offered by Trofeo Estate

Description - This cool climate Chardonnay has been matured in a combination of Florentine Terracotta Amphorae and French Oak Barriques. Ripe nectarines and yellow peaches dominate both on the nose and the palate. A medium bodied wine, with a soft round mouthfeel that is satisfying and lingers long. Enjoy this well balanced Chardonnay now, or cellar for years to come.
Harvest 5th-26th March
Region Mornington Peninsula
Year 2014
Clone P58, Mendoza, I10, 76, 95
Winemaking - All grapes were hand harvested from 5th to 26th March. Picking dates were selected based on analysis and sample tasting. Clones were kept separate. Grapes were whole bunch pressed to 550L/t where the first cut was made. The second cut, or pressings, were kept separate. Juice was settled for one day then racked to 200L Terracotta Amphorae and French oak barriques where fermentation was undertaken, 20% of which were wild while the rest were inoculated. Ferment temperatures were kept to between 15-17oC until the baumé dropped to about 4. Fermenting vessels were then moved out of cool room to finish ferment. Malolactic fermentation was completed in 40% of vessels to help give wine more body and depth. Wine was left to age in selected fermentation vessel for 10 months with periodic stirring. The wine was racked, blended, fined with bentonite and filtered ready for bottling.
$60 / 750ml Bottle
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