Trofeo Estate Amphora Pinot Gris

Offered by Trofeo Estate

Description: This Pinot Gris has been matured in 100% Terracotta Amphora. Floral Aromas of honeysuckle overlay red apples and yellow peaches, and are matched in the mouth. A lovely minerality dominates on the back palate creating a wine of great depth, length and flavour. 

Method: Handpicked, whole bunch pressed to tank, settled and racked. The grapes were inocluated and underwent a cool ferment to dry. The wine was settled then racked off lees to Terracotta Amphorae and allowed to age for 3 months in a cool environment. The best Terracotta Amphorae were selected for blending. The wine was racked, left unfined, sterile filtered and bottled. 

Harvest: 16th February

Region: Mornington Peninsula

Clone: LIV7

$49 / 750ml

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