NV Rare Hare Sparkling

Offered by Rare Hare at Willow Creek Vineyard

Full of flair, this beaded blend is an appealing aperitif. Approachable, rich, refined and easy to love - all the hallmarks of a perfect life partner… and it probably is. Consume in celebration.
Drink with: oysters / seafood / canapés
Colour: clear, pale honeyed straw.
Bouquet: Aromas of sparkling strawberries and cream with hints of honey and freshly-baked bread.
Palate: Delicately refreshing with a fine, steady bead.
Wine making: This chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier blend is a traditional method sparkling wine, with the secondary fermentation, and then age on lees in the same bottle, giving a complex, brioche and honey hint to the rich berry characteristics of the base wine.
Alc vol (%): 12.5
$35 / 750ml Bottle
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